Welcome to the chaos

hmmm……so this is a blog.

I don’t have time to blog but apparently it’s a necessity so here it is.

Our Glorious Mess, home to the rantings of a creative Londoner living out in the sticks of Brittany. AKA mentalembellisher who can be found here



~ by mentalembellisher on November 17, 2009.

5 Responses to “Welcome to the chaos”

  1. *wonders if anyone can see this?*

  2. Well, I’m waiting!!!!

  3. Unfortunately, due to the return of the prodigal son and restricted use of my right arm after overzealous weight training, I have managed to forget I have a blog! I am walking around trailing my stupid arm like an orang utang and generally being extremely grumpy.
    It’s amazing how useful my right arm is and I never really noticed…
    Also I made a piece for the Etsy shop that I cannot bear to part with yet at the same time I want to take marvellous pics of it and parade it through my shop. Of course, I may get a tepid reaction and it will lie heartless forever on page 5.

  4. he he…I just found my blog šŸ˜€

  5. I thought that being ‘snowed in’ would mean being able to spend hours in my studio… just me, the cats and radio 4. I forgot about the needy partner and the teenage son who can’t get to school, both wanting food and entertainment.
    Not to mention the three dogs who discovered in an instant 11 years worth of kitchen gunk that we bucketed across snowy fields last night.
    Ho hum.

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